Frauds are happening everywhere. But the insurance world faces a heavy brunt of it. You’ll see lots of false claims happening in this field. And you won’t believe the millions the insurance companies drain because of these fraud cases. So, isn’t it important that you inquire each and every case properly before sanctioning the insurance claim?

When should you call an insurance fraud investigator without fail?

An insurance fraud investigator from Oracle Investigation Centre basically takes special precautions and brings out all the relevant information about the people you want to investigate about.  But do you know when you should not miss calling them?

  • When your client claims workers’ compensation— Fraud worker’s compensation is the most common kind of claim for insurance. Here, the workers claim that he/she was injured during the office hours. Well, now this is something serious and needs complete inquiry before you sanction the insurance amount. You should immediately call a detective in Melbourne who’ll let you know if the worker was injured during the working hours or after it. They’ll bring all the legitimate proof of the employee’s whereabouts during the day of the accident and exactly what was the scenario when it happened. Who knows the worker would actually be claiming a fraud compensation for something that happened back at home and cheating on you? You’ll definitely save thousands in this case because of this.
  •  Medical insurance or injury claims — The second most common insurance claim drowning lots of companies under fraud cases is about medical injuries. You have to be very sure that the person asking for medical insurance from you is actually injured. There are lots of frauds who pose to be ill and injured while actually they are fit and fine. When you hire an investigator to look into this matter, the investigator would bring you solid proofs like CCTV surveillance videos and photographs showing the condition of the person concerned. Further, the investigator also brings you medical proofs of the person that helps in detecting the exact illness and injury level of the person and also a brief history of the previous medical conditions and those post the accident. You will easily know if the claim is true or a fake one because of this report.
  • Property damage or theft claims — Most often, lots of people claim a huge damage of property or theft of valuable items and you actually pay them the sum. (Well, actually they may just be faking the same.) So, how do you know if the claim is genuine or not? Just call for a detective or an investigator who is an expert in digging up insurance claims to find out the proof of the theft and the exact damage done to the property of the person claiming the loss. You can weigh the options accordingly and decide if you want to sanction the insurance claim or not.

 When you are providing insurance facilities to people, you are actually helping them out of serious situations. But many people tend to take advantage of this facility and claim fraud cases which are not right. And to stop this fraud happening with you, you have to take help from the investigators.