Believe it or not, we’ve all been there! You actually love watching detective movies and the ones where the private investigators are featured as divine people. You love the suspense in the air and that is why you don’t rest unless and until the drama ends. But, don’t you know that movies and shows impact your life the most? That is why when you hire a private investigator for some purpose in your real life, you believe the same things about them. It is very important to know what the difference between fiction and reality is.

 Ø  The fictional myths about private investigators that you shouldn’t at all believe!

 A private detective in Melbourne from Oracle Investigation Services is especially trained to get you all your required proof and information discreetly. But often you either expect a lot from them or you don’t believe in their services because of the myths the fictional movies bring in front of you. That is why we thought of breaking all those misconceptions by listing them line by line.

o Private detectives can outlaw the government policies — Just how many times do you believe that the private investigators are almost like the cops? Well, you should know the fact that they’re not the police and they don’t have the right to arrest anybody, head to their home without any proper permission, check their places without the court orders, etc. A private detective or investigator can just investigate discreetly and that too under certain norms laid by the government, that’s it!

o They can reach the non public information— No matter what the movies show, the private investigators are almost like any other common person. So, you just can’t believe the story of them being able to access the non public information like official secret documents. They can only reach and inquire about certain limited things and have no secret back up from the country heads at all.

o They can access bank accounts and credit cards —This is something that is shown in movies wherein the private investigators are playing negative roles or being superheroes! Just how can they access anyone’s bank accounts and credit card details and block or completely transfer the amount from there?

o They can tap calls and records calls — You should know one basic information that tapping the calls or recording them is a breach of law and isn’t allowed to any non-governmental organisation. So, if you think your private investigator can do this, then they would have been behind the bars long back!

o They are always on stunts and actions — Well, for one thing, the private investigators aren’t wrestlers or boxers. They can’t keep fighting and perform those highly impossible stunts all day long. So even if the heroic movies show them doing so, it isn’t possible in reality! 

Well, as simply as we can put it, the private investigators are only common human beings working secretly for you to unearth some hidden truths all within the laws and rules! Did you find anything extravagant in it? Of course no! So, no matter if the movies show a hyperbolic version of their act, never ever believe them!