If you are in the middle of a divorce and you have a child, there are very high chances that you are still fighting for your little one’s custody. We understand how much you love your child and want to have your baby by your side always. But there are complexities of course. (Well, that is the reason you are fighting the custody case in the court first of all!) But we have got an excellent idea that ensures that you’ll surely win this case, and your child will definitely be with you in the end – hire a private investigator!

The safety and wellbeing of your child should be your number one priority. This is more important than winning the custodial case. And of course there are lots of investigators who handle such cases apart from other equally challenging jobs. There are some who are the insurance claims investigator, corporate matters investigator, and more such serious professionals involved in this job, each with specialised expertise. But you have to ensure that you are hiring the best person for the custodial case because here the matter is about your child (and her/his future) and it’s extremely serious.

You Get The Regular Updates About Your Child’s Welfare – You are definitely very stressed about your child’s wellbeing. So when you hire a private investigator from Oracle Investigation Services, they make it a point to get you regular and proper updates about your child’s wellbeing and welfare. They are experts in getting such information very discreetly and even providing all the proofs required for the case. It actually relieves you to find out that your little one is safe until you get the official custody to have your kid with you.

You Get All The Essential Proofs Against The Other Partner – You definitely require all the essential proofs to present in front of the court for the custody of your child rationalising why you are the one with whom your child should live. A private investigator will help you get that. The investigator can get all the information about the other person very discreetly – proof of background check, credibility, criminal records, etc. This helps to establish which parent would ensure a better future and a safe living for the child. and you can eventually win the custodial case smoothly because of these proofs.

You Know If Your Child is Abused – Unless you prove to the court that you are worthy of the custody of your child, it is very important to keep your child healthy and safe. But what if the little one is getting exploited by the other parent, or any nanny or caretaker your partner keeps your child with? If there is a drug or physical abuse happening to your little one, you should be aware of this. The private investigator whom you hire for this case will provide you the proper information so that you can at least get temporary protection for your child – that way, the little one doesn’t have to face further stress.

When custody of a child is in question the main concern is to keep the child’s future safe from any negative influence. You actually trust the private investigators with a huge responsibility that involves your kid. And a good investigator never fails to bring you the best results in exchange for this trust. They’ll properly get the reports from the neighbours, click photographs whenever it is required, run all the background checks, and will also bring the latest reports of your child’s whereabouts to make this custodial case full proof for you. Now, aren’t these reasons enough to hire them?