May 2, 2017

Investigation Services


Oracle Investigation Services conduct Factual and Surveillance investigations in workers’ compensation, CTP, income protection, disability claims, public liability, medical negligence, recovery claims and other general insurance claims.

With administrative and investigation staff focused on exceptional service, our systems are subject to continuous improvement and ensure that Oracle Investigation Services are always up-to-date with legislative and industry changes, so as to provide consistently high quality and timely reports.


Oracle Investigation Services plays an important role in helping organisations identify, understand and deal with fraud, via risk mitigation and fraud investigation services.

Our fraud mitigation services help clients protect their organisation against the risks and costs associated to fraud by:

  • Developing control policies and procedures
  • Risk assessments and awareness training
  • Assessments of an organisation’s security
  • Implementing a whistleblower program

In the event fraud is discovered or allegations are made, Oracle Investigation Services experienced fraud investigators will establish the facts and prepare evidence to recover stolen assets and take disciplinary action, or commence civil/criminal proceedings against the parties involved.


Oracle Investigation Services understands the complexity and sensitivity of any family related matter. We also understand that information is a valuable commodity. Oracle Investigation Services can help ensure that your legal representative has the information necessary to assist in effectively representing you.

Contact Oracle Investigation Services to discuss your sensitive situation and we will be able to tailor an investigation package to your requirements.


Oracle Investigation Services conduct all aspects of Trademark and Intellectual property infringement investigations. Oracle Investigation Services patent and trademark investigations team include licenced investigators who specialise in intellectual property, domain names and patents and trademark infringement.


To comply with relevant workplace legislation, it is necessary to investigate any allegations of bullying, harassment, discrimination, inappropriate conduct or breaches of discipline. Oracle Investigation Services provide experienced and empathetic personnel to conduct investigations on your behalf and present you with recommendations.

Oracle Investigation Services can also provide Dispute Resolution services, to provide our clients with specially trained individuals to resolve the issues between the parties so as to avoid potential litigation.