Trying to find someone who has disappeared into thin air is not easy. Where does one even start looking? And this search becomes more challenging if the person doesn’t want to be found.

Without the right tools or technical knowledge, it would be near impossible to locate a missing person. Not only will you be wasting precious time and money, but you’ll also end being physically and emotionally exhausted.

Oracle Investigation Services is one of the leading providers of a range of skip tracing services in Melbourne. We are qualified experts for locating missing partners, spouses, evasive debtors, witnesses and defendants. With our technical skills and access to a network of operatives, we are able to deliver quick turnarounds. We possess advanced analytical and communication skills along with the latest technology to quickly and efficiently find missing persons. Our investigators work in accordance with the statutory acts and regulations.


A missing spouse or evasive debtor can be emotionally or financially distressing. OIS Global is equipped with skills, techniques and technology to handle such sensitive cases. From conducting inquiries to gathering information, you can expect the highest quality of skip tracing efforts from our specialists. If you’re concerned about your missing spouse or trying to locate an unreachable witness, we can help you with the process.

Why Choose OIS Global for Skip Tracing?


Well-Trained Investigators

Our team of skip tracing investigators are fully trained and highly experienced. You can rely on us to provide a factual and rational deduction based on solid evidence.


Proven Success Rate

Thousands of people go missing in Australia every year. OIS has a proven success rate in locating missing persons by employing state-of-art data intelligence technology.


Legal Compliance

You and your brand are in safe hands when you’re working with OIS Global. Our investigators adhere to legal acts and regulations.


Reasonable Rates

On top of the stress of a missing person, we don’t want to burden our clients with overpriced services. That’s why we offer our services at highly competitive rates.


Save Up Time & Energy

Instead of wasting your time, money or business resources, OIS Global can take over the search and help you quickly locate the missing person. 


Debt Recovery Rate

Evasive debtors can cause significant loss to your business. With our skip tracing services, we can help improve your debt recovery rate.


Tailored Services

Our specialised personnel tailor skip tracing services according to your specific requirements.

Best Insurance Fraud Investigator

When it comes to the selection of an Insurance Fraud investigator, you don’t have to look any further than Oracle Investigation Services – OIS Global. Our Management, Staff and Investigators have a wealth of experience in all facets of the insurance industry including Worker’s Compensation, Income Protection, Public Liability, Medical Negligence, Recovery and Specialist Law.  

Our Clients Are Like Family

Our customers are our highest priority, hear from hundreds of our customers what they thought about our services and how we have helped them.

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