Are you suspecting a case of WorkCover fraud at your workplace? WorkCover fraud can end up costing your organisation a lot in terms of time off work, rehabilitation expenses, medical expenses and civil claims.

Rather than paying for false claims, let OIS Global conduct a WorkCover investigation to uncover the truth. We have a licensed and fully trained team of investigators in Melbourne. We promptly investigate WorkCover fraud. Our team is equipped with knowledge and techniques to gather information and evidence.

If you have reasonable beliefs that an employee is unfairly claiming damages for a workplace injury, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us immediately.

Workplace Injury Claim Investigations

At OIS Global, you can rely on us to work in a thorough and impartial manner. We start by looking at the case with an open mind and also acknowledging the evidence and information that are pointing towards a fraudulent claim. We assess all the available information, look into the original and the present circumstances of the claim.

It’s possible that the injury was exaggerated to get a larger claim or the ‘workplace injury’ was premeditated in order to receive a hefty compensation and the claimant is refusing to return to work. If you’re an employer suspecting fraud, let us investigate and gather reliable evidence to help you prove the fraudulent claim.


As an employer, you probably have several important tasks to handle. And a WorkCover investigation can be time-consuming and distract you from core business operations.

It’s wiser to involve a private investigator for WorkCover investigation. With our years of expertise and vast knowledge, we can help resolve cases when the claimant is unreachable, refusing to return to work, or developing a new injury soon after resuming work. When a claim for a workplace injury is made and accepted, the employer becomes liable to bear all the expenses.

If you suspect WorkCover fraud, let OIS Global assist you with the investigation and gather evidence.

Why Choose OIS Global?


Vast Experience

We have several years of experience in the industry. OIS Global has handled hundreds of cases including several WorkCover fraud investigations.


Licensed & Trained Investigators

Our team of specialists are licensed and fully trained to handle simple to complicated WorkCover investigations.


Fast Turnaround

When you’re running a business, you cannot afford to lose company time and productivity because of a false claim. We aim to conduct fast and efficient investigations.


Deep Investigations

We conduct deep investigations to learn about the history of claimants to establish the truthfulness of their claims.


Access to Advanced Techniques & Technology

We use analytical skills and latest technologies to carry out our investigation and gather evidence. 


Compliance to Policies & Regulations

Our specialists work within the framework of legal policies and procedures. We also adhere to the organisation’s rules and regulations.


Competitive Pricing

Rather than wasting time and resources on gathering evidence on your own, it’s better to let OIS Global handle the investigation. We offer our professional services at highly competitive rates.

Best Insurance Fraud Investigator

When it comes to the selection of an Insurance Fraud investigator, you don’t have to look any further than Oracle Investigation Services – OIS Global. Our Management, Staff and Investigators have a wealth of experience in all facets of the insurance industry including Worker’s Compensation, Income Protection, Public Liability, Medical Negligence, Recovery and Specialist Law.  

Our Clients Are Like Family

Our customers are our highest priority, hear from hundreds of our customers what they thought about our services and how we have helped them.

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