Workplace Misconduct Investigations Melbourne

No workplace is completely free from misconduct. It’s crucial to recognise and handle misconduct promptly in order to create a safe, comfortable and productive workplace. 

OIS Global is a reputable company conducting workplace misconduct investigations in Melbourne. We investigate allegations of bullying, sexual harassment, disability abuse, thefts, conflicts of interest, breach of contract, assaults and other misconduct. Workplace misconduct can be complex, personal and unpleasant. If such instances aren’t addressed, they can lead to a toxic working environment, increased absenteeism, and legal costs to the employer. Your in-house manager may be able to handle small disputes, but it’s better to involve OIS Global when it comes to complicated misconduct. 

Employee Misconduct Investigations

OIS Global is equipped with the skills and know-how to conduct a complete employee misconduct investigation. We’ve successfully conducted hundreds of misconduct investigations in Melbourne and across Australia.

Our investigation process includes talking to the complainant, witnesses and employees subjected to allegations. We conduct a thorough and unbiased investigation in a time-sensitive manner. We aim to get at the bottom of the misconduct as quickly as possible to help you come up with a fair and necessary resolution.

Our team of investigators also ensure compliance with the organisation’s existing policies and regulations.

Why You Should Outsource Your Employee Misconduct Investigations


Licensed Specialists

OIS Global has a team of licensed and fully trained specialists for Employee Misconduct Investigations.


Minimise Bias

Hiring an independent specialist for misconduct investigation is a reliable way to minimise and eliminate the possibility of bias. Let OIS Global deliver an accurate and fair investigation report.


Focus on Core Operations

Getting organisation leaders involved in misconduct investigation can distract them from important business operations. Focus on your core activities and let OIS Global carry out the investigations.


Successful Approach for Fast Turnaround

It’s imperative to look into employee misconduct as soon as possible. OIS Global has a successful approach and promises fast turnarounds.


Free Up Time

Investigating employee misconduct can be quite time-consuming. Hiring an independent investigator frees up your time and speeds up the process.


Ongoing Support

In addition to providing employee misconduct investigation services, our specialists also offer ongoing support to help clients manage and prevent future instances of misconduct.


Procedure & Policy Adherence

Along with conducting a fair and transparent investigation, it’s also necessary to comply with laws, procedures and policies. A reputable misconduct investigator will make sure of this.


Over 30 Years of Experience

With over 30 years of experience, you can rest assure that your in safe hands.

Oracle Investigations Services

When it comes to the selection of an Investigator, you don’t have to look any further than Oracle Investigation Services – OIS Global. Our Management, Staff and Investigators have a wealth of experience in all facets of the insurance industry including Worker’s Compensation, Income Protection, Public Liability, Medical Negligence, Recovery and Specialist Law.  

Our Clients Are Like Family

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